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Curlious Reg'd

Raintree Earendil I Can Handle Myself TKN

GChB Raintree's Black Leather Jacket At Rof x GCh Earendil's To Be Or Not To Be At Tri-Star

Raintree Earendil I Can Handle Myself, Manchester Terrier puppy 5 months old

The Manchester Terrier comes in two varieties, Standard and Toy. Please visit the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club or the American Manchester Terrier Club for more detailed information about this rare breed. Also check out the recomended health clearances put together by the National Club with the OFA through their CHIC program.

Chinese Cresteds

Dogs bred or owned by Curlious, plus our Afghan Hound

Since 2004, Curlious Reg'd has been involved with the training, breeding and exhibiting purebred dogs across Canada and the United States. Kate has served on the board of the Chinese Crested Club of Canada in numerous capacities, as well as co-founding the Chinese Crested Club of Ontario. She is a long-standing member of the Canadian Kennel Club, and the kennel name Curlious was registered with the CKC in 2006.