Kate Barnett, New Brunswick, Canada

GCH Raintree Earendil I Can Handle Myself RN, TKA

GChB Raintree's Black Leather Jacket At Rof x GCh Earendil's To Be Or Not To Be At Tri-Star

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Raintree Earendil I Can Handle Myself, Manchester Terrier pictured at 20 months old

In 2021, Rey earned her Canadian Championship, Trick Dog Novice title, and finished the year as the #3 Manchester in Canada. So far in 2022, she has earned her Rally Novice title in both Canada and the US, completed her Grand Championship, Trick Dog Intermediate & Trick Dog Advanced titles.

About Manchester Terriers

The Manchester Terrier comes in two varieties, Standard and Toy. In Canada and the US, they are divided only by size, Toys are under 12lbs, and Standards are 12 to 22lbs. In the rest of the world, the two are distinct breeds, the Manchester Terrier, and the English Toy Terrier. They make excellent companions to active households, enjoy learning new things, and generally get along well with other dogs. Please visit the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club or the American Manchester Terrier Club for more detailed information about this rare breed. Also check out the recomended health clearances put together by the National Club with the OFA through their CHIC program.

About Curlious

Kate and Rey on a hiking trail in New Brunswick

Hi, I'm Kate! I can't remember a time I didn't want to share my life with dogs, but it really kicked off with my first Chinese Crested in 2004. Since then, I has been involved with the training, breeding and exhibiting purebred dogs in Canada and the United States. I have served on the board of the Chinese Crested Club of Canada in various capacities and co-founded the Chinese Crested Club of Ontario. I am currently the Secretary for the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club. I am a long-standing member of the Canadian Kennel Club, and the kennel name Curlious was registered with the CKC in 2006.

I enjoy training my dogs, and have taken quite a few courses through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, which offers online classes taught through lectures, videos, and message boards. Paired with local activities through the Moncton Kennel Club and the various other show and event hosting clubs around the country, and all the trails and nature parks that New Brunswick has to offer, the dogs and I stay pretty busy!

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Looking for puppies?

I am planning a litter for 2023. Please check back regularly, or follow Curlious on Social Media ( Facebook / Instagram ) for updates.

If you're looking for a puppy in the more immediate future, visit Maximal Available Dogs and Puppies List. The page is updated regularly with litters, adult dogs, and rescues available around the world. Both the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club and the American Manchester Terrier Club breed clubs also have breeder listings, and lots of great information about Manchester Terriers. Manchester Terriers on average cost between $1,500 - $2,500 USD, or $1,800 - $3,200 CAD, and as a rare breed, they are not as readily available as some more popular breeds. You may still have to wait to get the right puppy.

How I Raise Puppies

My goal is to raise happy, confident puppies who are prepared for the big world ahead of them. Part of that includes the genetics they receive from their parents, but another part comes with how they are raised in their first few weeks and months of life. Nutrition also plays a key role in the growth and development of each puppy, both while their mother is pregnant and nursing, and when they start to eat on their own.

I follow Puppy Culture principles, which includes early neurological stimulation, enriching environments, early socialization, and much more. My puppies learn about clicker training, and how easy it is to learn new things! They begin with house training, crate training, leash walking, and basic obedience. They will need further training as they go off into their new homes, but the foundations for learning are built and reinforced while they are here.

Each puppy goes home with a puppy pack, including their own clicker. New owners are briefed on how to use the clicker as a reinforcement tool, along with tips and tricks to make training their new puppy fun and stress-free. New owners will also receive a sampling of food and treats as part of their puppy pack to help the puppy transition to their new home.

How I Place Puppies

When I know I will have puppies available, I will ask anyone who has inquired about a puppy if they are still interested. I also want to meet potential puppy buyers, either in person at a dog show, a public location like a coffee shop or park, or through a video chat if you're outside the immediate area. I want to know about your daily routine, your family, and your hopes and plans for the puppy. This will help me ensure you get the best puppy to match your lifestyle.

I don't have a kennel facility, my dogs live with me in my home, and because of this I do not invite strangers to my home for an initial meeting. Once I have screened and interviewed a potential puppy buyer, they may visit my home by invitation.

I evaluate all my puppies at 8 weeks of age, and then make decisions on placement based on their individual temperament and characteristics. By this time, they will have received their first vaccinations, microchip, and veterinary health certificate. My puppies will usually leave for their new homes at 9-10 weeks, but cannot legally leave before 8 weeks of age.

All of my puppies are sold with a contract, which I will go over in detail with each puppy buyer to ensure the provisions are fully understood. The contract outlines the puppy being sold and the terms and conditions of the sale, including the health guarantee and other obligations. They are also each individually registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.